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John Kelly, Championship Coach & Mental Game Expert
Let's look at the landscape of youth sports in the world today:
  • The pressures and expectations placed on younger athletes' game/match performance levels today are substantial.
  • The investment dollars spent by sports parents on their athlete's sport for travel dues, equipment, private coaching, camps/clinics and travel expenses are astronomical!
  • The bar of achievement, competition and hopes for college athletic scholarships or professional contracts are higher than ever before. 
All this adds up to a tremendous burden on any younger athlete; causing increased performance anxiety and a lowering of fun for playing the game.

As sports parents we all want the best for our kids, don't we? Over the years, however, I have found that too many parents and coaches are looking in all the wrong places for the answers and tools to improve game/match performance.

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Knowledge is Power

Younger athletes today are simply not equipped mentally to cope with the pressures and expectations heaped upon them by coaches, parents, teammates and self.

Athletic Success Happens 
by "Design," Not By "Accident"
With this 21st century youth sports reality firmly in place I decided to create a series of informational products that would help parents, players and coaches to better understand the complexities facing the younger athlete today combined with proven strategies for accelerating performance levels.

My new Sports Confidence Blueprint program is a classic case where the right education can absolutely propel any younger athlete's game/match day performance levels. 
"The simple truth is the more your athlete knows about the mental side of their game the more prepared they will be come game/match time and the better he/she will perform."

John with prized mental skills pupil Alison 
and her ASA National Championship trophy
You may ask who am I to write about the mental side of sports? You can read my complete bio here, however suffice it to say I have witnessed, lived, researched and reflected on the world of youth sports for well over 15 years. I played four sports in high school and two in college. I have coached over 1,000 youth games and parented a daughter through the trials and tribulations of sports for over a decade. I have been a student of the mental side of sports for over 20 years.

The concepts, insights and strategies I write about and teach are all the direct result of first hand experiences backed by extensive, formal research in the areas of sports psychology, philosophy and mental science.

The products I have created contain solid educational concepts I know work because I have succeeded in implementing them with my own daughter, as well as individual athletes and teams that I have or do coach. 

Building Sports Confidence is a "Process" that Takes Time.
You see it's all about your athlete and team getting one step better each and every day. The building blocks for athletic success, however, include both the physical and the mental. To ignore either one will leave your athlete unable to reach their fullest potential on the field or court.

I invite you to give your athlete(s) the gift of knowledge with the mental performance products available to you on this site.

Help Them Reach Their Fullest Potential

As a coach, sports parent and mental performance expert my number one goal is to help younger athletes to play their best while enjoying the game like never before by giving them tools that will unlock their athletic greatness! Whether you are looking to help your athlete with any of the following these mental performance products will absolutely help your athlete get to the next level of her/his game:

  • Increased Self-Confidence (reduced doubt)
  • A Reduction in Game/Match Anxiety
  • The Burden of Extreme Internal or External Expectations
  • Focus or Concentration Issues
  • Motivation and Desire for the Game

Feel free to email me with any specific questions you have about any of the products, or if you have an issue with your athlete or team you'd like my input on. 

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