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For any athlete in any sport at any competition level a heavy dose of self-confidence is necessary to achieve sustained athletic success on the field or court. But it is even more than that. Every athlete needs a high level of "sports" confidence...a specific, more advanced brand of confidence requiring a dramatically higher level of resilience and fortitude.

Today as more is expected from our younger athletes than ever before the pressures of competition and performance can rob an athlete of achieving their athletic potential as well as their joy for the game.

All too often we see young athletes working so hard in practice with their team and private instructors, yet unable to carry that practice success over to the field or court when it matters most.

For many athletes "game day" brings with it an accelerated level of performance anxiety where doubt starts to creep in (particularly after a poor play or mistake) and confidence can be shaken. As anxiety and stress increase, confidence can take a vacation and the young athlete's game/match performance level can plummet. Sounds familiar?

So how does any younger athlete build a steady rock solid foundation of sports confidence, and how does he or she maintain that high level of confidence in the face of game adversity, pressure and sky high expectations from self and others?

In this 47 page information packed manual John Michael Kelly shares a multitude of specific principles, strategies and tips in four unique sections:

1. Understanding the Anatomy of "Self" Confidence vs. "Sports" Confidence
2. Uncover the Specific Causes for Low Sports Confidence
3. Building "Rock Solid" Sports Confidence
4. Maintaining Peak Sports Confidence Under Any Circumstances

Like everything else in sports...confidence is not an accident or magic, but rather a product of design. It takes knowledge and education and it's all available for your athlete in the Sports Confidence Blueprint Manual.

What others are saying about the Sports Confidence Blueprint Manual:

"John Michael Kelly's Sports Confidence Blueprint Manual is a must-read for all coaches, players and parents. All too often the importance of the mental part of the game is overlooked, in fact rarely even talked about. The Manual is a great tool to teach athletes the importance of positive thinking and it cultivates sports confidence. As a coach of our 12U travel softball team I have already used and will continue to use the Manual to help our players individually and as a team. Thank You John!"  -- J. Small *****

"This is a great resource for parents and coaches. In today's athletic world there is so much pressure put on athletes to consistently perform well without the support to help them mentally prepare for those expectations. This book gives very good advice on how to teach the athlete to prepare mentally for their sport in order to improve their game. Too often the physical aspect is addressed without the support of the mental side that MUST be present in order to truly succeed with consistency."  -- April M. Bowler ****

"The book was a very easy read. I highly recommend this book for all parents and coaches. It should be required reading for all coaches and school psychologists. It was very concise and easy to understand. The book gave me suggestions and strategies that I will immediately implement."  -- P. Acquaviva *****   


As a sports parent, youth sports coach for over a decade (and over 1,000 games), and mental performance expert John Michael Kelly knows exactly what it takes to build sports confidence that keeps the game fun and the performance high. His teams and athletes he coaches privately consistently "over" achieve because they have found the secret to lasting sports confidence; even in the face of wicked game/match day adversity.

In this Sports Confidence Blueprint Manual you and your athlete will learn how to shift the athlete mindset to a healthier more productive state where "can do" thinking replaces "can't do" thinking; where expectations of failure are replaced with an expectancy for success.

This manual will also give all sports parents and coaches specific strategies for how to improve their effectiveness in building their athlete's sports confidence, and the three things adults do that will absolutely destroy any younger athlete's sports confidence.

John Michael Kelly also breaks down the concept of F.E.A.R. and how most younger athletes let the feelings of fear and doubt sabotage their confidence unnecessarily.

Finally, the Sports Confidence Blueprint Manual covers the critical "Sports Confidence Cycle" and "5 Stages of Sports Confidence" that every sports parent and coach must know.

If you have a younger athlete in your family the Sports Confidence Blueprint Manual is a must read covering 9 specific causes for low sports confidence, and 9 specific strategies for building "rock solid" sports confidence that will give your athlete the mental tools to grow unshakable "bounce back" power in the face of game/match adversity.


Table of Contents

In the Beginning                                                                                               
The Price for Success                                                                                        
Sports Should Always be Fun First!     
Part 1 – The Anatomy of Sports Confidence
·        The Confidence Cycle in Sports                                                            
·        The 5 Stages of Sports Confidence                                                           

Part 2 - Causes of Low Sports Confidence 
·        Cause #1: Lack of Proper Preparation                                                  
·        Cause #2: Dwelling on the Negative (Catastrophe Thinking)           
·        Cause #3: The Burden of Excessive Expectations                            
·        Cause #4: F.E.A.R.                                                                                  
·        Cause #5: A Lack of Focus                                                                    
·        Cause #6: Engaging in Results Only Thinking                                  

Part 3How to Build “Rock Solid’ Sports Confidence
·        Build #1: Positive Self Talk/Internal Conversation                          
·        Build #2: Remembering Past Successes                                              
·        Build #3: Focusing on Effort and Process                                           
·        Build #4: Proper Practice Intensity                                                      
·        Build #5: Programming the Mind for Success and Confidence      
·        Build #6: Decision Making, Comfort Zones and Courage               

     Part 4 – Maintaining Sports Confidence in Any Circumstances
About the Author                                                                                           

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