**Game Day Domination Course**

It has been said that knowledge is power. Nowhere is that more true than in athletic competition; particularly for the youth athlete, where expectations for their performance levels are higher than ever.

Today's youth athlete is robotic...he/she is told what to do, but not why to do it, or even how to do it; particularly the mental aspect of their game. As a coach I see a huge disconnect every week between coaches/parents and athletes. 

Younger athletes want to please, but growing frustration brews from elevated expectations and the vacuum of the right kind of education that will really make a difference in their game day performance.

This 25 hour multi-media sports performance boosting program has been designed specifically for the youth athlete, no matter the sport or competition level, to help educate him or her on how to reach their fullest athletic potential when it matters most...on Game Day.

I created this program to be easy to understand and even easier to implement the concepts and strategies I cover so that any athlete can take their game to the next level!

Below is a summary of the program:

Game Day Domination 1.0

Lesson 1 - Game Day Domination Program Overview
Lesson 2 - Beliefs and Perceptions
Lesson 3 - How Thoughts Determine Success

Lesson 4 - Feelings, Emotions & Performance
Lesson 5 - "Effort" Versus "Results" Thinking
Lesson 6 - "Program" Yourself for Game Day Success
Lesson 7 - "Prepare" Yourself for Game Day Success
Lesson 8 - Understanding Performance Killers
Lesson 9 - Eliminating Fear & Anxiety
Lesson 10 - Expectations: Internal
Lesson 11 - Expectations: External
Lesson 12 - Developing Laser Focus

Lesson 13 - Building Rock Solid Self-Confidence
Lesson 14 - Game Day Domination 1.0 Summary

Game Day Domination 2.0 (includes GDD 1.0 plus below)

Lesson 15 - Developing a Clear Vision for Athletic Success
Lesson 16 - Mental Imagery: Part 1
Lesson 17 - Mental Imagery: Part 2
Lesson 18 - Assessing Motivation & Desire
Lesson 19 - Understanding Internal Conversations

Lesson 20 - "Game Day" Programming for Success
Lesson 21 - Program Yourself for Game Day Domination (Module 3 Summary)
Lesson 22 - The Power of Preparation

Lesson 23 - Have a Physical Training Plan
Lesson 24 - Have a Mental Training Plan
Lesson 25 - Have a Game Day Plan
Lesson 26 - Leadership Skills and Athletic Success
Lesson 27 - Being Your Best!
Lesson 28 - The Road Map to Game Day Domination

Each lesson includes the following:

1. Main Lesson Video (in Powerpoint format)
2. Lesson Summary (in pdf format)
3. "2 Minute Drill" Video Summary
4. Lesson "Game Plan" Audio
5. Action Steps to implement the lesson (pdf)

  • My 170 page eBook, Think Right, Play Great
  • How to Win the Scholarship Game Special Report
  • The 60 Minute Rule Video (A MUST Watch!)
  • The Game Day Report Card

Over 25 hours of game changing video,audio and written instruction! 

Remember...knowledge is power. Give your athlete or team the power to reach their fullest athletic potential, while dramatically improving their joy for playing the game.

**For an investment equivalent to just a couple of private coaching lessons your athlete or team will be given a clearly defined road map that will absolutely lead to more consistent game day performance but also, more importantly, the understanding of the "why" and "what" it takes to get there! 

Introductory pricing:

Game Day Domination 1.0 (Lessons 1-14 only) - Now Only $59.97! 
(Regular Price - $99)

Game Day Domination 2.0 (All lessons, 1-28) - Now Only $79.97! 

(Regular Price - $149)

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**Please be aware the contents of this program are all digital downloads in mp3, mp4 or pdf format. Upon purchase you will receive an immediate email with a link to your download page. Nothing will be mailed to you.