"Think It and Hit It"

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In this 45 page eBook, Think It and Hit It, John Kelly shares 12 critical mental skills strategies that will help propel your athlete to become a consistent peak performer in the batter's box!

We know the game is 90% mental and nowhere is that more evident than as a hitter. In Think It and Hit It you'll learn proven strategies for recognizing, then conquering many of the Mental Performance Killers that sabotage your athlete's on the field success.

Putting a round bat on a round ball has been called the hardest single thing to do in sports! Your athlete has all of 1/3 of a second to decide pitch velocity, movement and location, so they had better be ready!

John Kelly talks about the book...

Think It and Hit It will give you and your athlete seldom discussed mental skills information that will allow for a solid game plan for each at bat.

Here's a look at each chapter topic:

Strategy # 1: A Look at Today’s Youth Athlete
Strategy # 2: The Hardest Show on Earth

Strategy # 3: The Proper Mental Approach to Hitting 
Strategy # 4: Perfect Practice Makes Perfect
Strategy # 5: Know the Game 
Strategy # 6: Know Your Strengths 
Strategy # 7: The Champion Mindset 
Strategy # 8: See & Feel Your Success 
Strategy # 9: Know the Game Situation
Strategy # 10: Climb Into the Pitcher’s Head  

Strategy # 11: Leave Your Bat In the Box
Strategy # 12: For the Love of the Game   

Putting It All Together 

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