"21 Killer Fastpitch Winning Strategies"


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How many times have you lost a really close, really tough, really gut wrenching game that you lay awake in bed re-hashing in your mind about how if you’d only done this or that you’d have been victorious?

In this 72 page eBook John Michael Kelly will give you the secret weapons cache that will guarantee you’ll start sleeping like a baby because you’ll be winning all those close games. How great would that feel to you and your girls?! Your competition won’t know what hit them when you push all the right buttons again and again, game after game!

In 21 Killer Fastpitch Softball Game Winning Strategies John has literally unloaded every trick and proven fastpitch strategy he has ever used or observed from coaching and watching 1,000s of fast pitch softball games over the years. These are little known tips, and full blow game and mental strategies that have personally won him a ton of tournament games over his coaching career. 

A closer look at the book:

Introduction to Tournament Dominance  

Killer Master Game Strategies

Strategy # 1: Attack From the Very First Pitch                                      

Strategy # 2: Win the First Inning or Else                                               

Strategy # 3: Winning the Leadoff Battle                                                            

Strategy # 4: Tick Tock… Manage the Clock                                         

Killer Offensive Strategies

Strategy # 5: Make the Defense Beat Themselves                                 

Strategy # 6: Make the Rundown Your Secret Weapon                        

Strategy # 7: Lineup Magic                                                                       
Killer Defensive Strategies

Strategy # 8: 1st & 3rd Trickery                                                                  

Strategy # 9: Mental Focus Pocus                                                           

Killer Base Running Strategies

Strategy # 10: Delayed Steal Magic                                                        

Strategy # 11: Winning Slide Tactics                                                      

Strategy # 12: 360 Awareness & Anticipation                                       

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