"Think Right...Play Great!"

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Mental skills expert and master game coach John Kelly's new 195 page game changing eBook loaded with key mental skills strategies to help your athlete perform on the field or court with increased focus, confidence, poise and passion.

Arm yourself and your athlete with the mental skills tools he or she needs to become the consistent peak performer top coaches want on their team.

Because the game is 90% mental this book can make a profound impact on your athlete's game/match day performance by mastering the mental side of their game!

Here are a list of the chapters:

    1          Think Right…Play Great! Success is a Choice  

                  The Mind-Body Connection in sports
                  Suit Up & Show Up…Believe You Can & You Will
                  Visualizing Success
                  The “Feeling” is Where the Power is

2          Having a Plan of Action to Guarantee Success
                  Making Adjustments…the Name of the Game
                  Perfect Practice Makes Perfect
                  Become a Student of the Game
                        Connecting Desire, Action and Rewards

    3         Focusing on Results is a Recipe for Disaster 
                        Confusing Winning with Success

    4         Present Moment Awareness: Playing it One Step at a Time 

                  Building a Laser Focus
Turning the Focus Switch On
                  Trusting Themselves
The Importance of Energy in Performance
                  Past and Future Focus
                  Mastery is a Journey Not a Destination
                  The Awesome Power of Concentration

5          The Aladdin’s Lamp of Youth Sports: Self-Confidence  
The Proper Self Image: Crucial to Reaching Potential
The Perils of Self Doubt
The Player is Not the Performance: Separate the Player from the Person
                        Expecting Success
                        Recognizing What They Can and Cannot Control

    6         Embracing Pressure with Poise 
                  It’s a Game Built on Failure
                  The Comfort Zone: Why Practice & Game Performance Vary
                  The Anatomy of a Composed Peak Performing Athlete

7          Managing Expectations  
                  Managing Parental Expectations
                  Managing Coaches Expectations
                  The Athlete’s Expectations
                  Nobody is Perfect

8         Overcoming Anxiety & Fear  
                  Pre-Game Anxiety
                  In-Game Anxiety & Fear of Failure
                  Catastrophizing Their Way to Failure
                  Learning to Trust
                  Embracing Failure as a Learning Tool

9         The Parents’ Role in Their Success
                  Understanding That Their Motivation May Not Be Yours
                  Wanting Your Athlete’s Success Too Much
                  Unconditional Support

10       The Coach’s Role in Their Success  
                  The Coach as a Communicator
                  Building Great Team Chemistry
                  Filling Their Emotional Tanks
                  Keeping Them Safe

11         The No Limit Athlete  
                  The Physical
                  The Mental
                  Putting It All Together

12        The Winner’s Edge Mindset…Playing with Passion & Joy  
                  Give More Than You Get
                  All Winners Think Alike
                  Honoring the Game
                  Profile of a Winner’s Edge Consistent, Peak Performer

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