"How She Thinks is How She Plays"

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"This is a book every softball parent and coach should read!" --Bill M, New Jersey

John Michael Kelly's top selling mental performance book (this is an eBook) covering 173 pages and twelve chapters of powerful fastpitch softball mental skills insights, strategies, tools and tips that will turn your athlete into a consistent peak performer on the softball field. How She Thinks is How She Plays covers the 21 Mental Performance Killers that sabotage your athlete's success.

For your athlete to become the very best she can be physical training is simply not enough! 

John Kelly talks about "How She Thinks is How She Plays"

Here are the mental skills topics covered in the book:
  • How She Thinks is How She Plays
  • Managing Expectations
  • Building Rock Solid Self-Confidence
  • Present Moment Awareness: Playing it One Pitch at a Time
  • Having a Plan of Action to Guarantee Success
  • How to Overcome Anxiety & Fear
  • The Parent's Role in Her Success
  • Focusing on Results Instead of Effort
  • Embracing Pressure with Poise
  • The Scholarship Trap
  • The Coach's Role in Her Success
  • The Winner's Edge Mindset: Playing with Passion & Joy

**Plus bonus player-parent/coach discussion "action" topics at the end of each chapter.

Plus nearly an hour of powerful mental game audio bonus lessons:
  • Bonus Audio Lesson # 1: Visualize Her Way to Greatness! These are the same mental imagery secrets used by elite Olympic and professional athletes. Learn exact how your athlete can relax her body and program her mind for success, every game (22 minutes). $9.97 value (download-able mp3 file)
  • Bonus Audio Lessons # 2: Playing Fearless! (12:37 mp3 file)
  • Bonus Audio Lesson # 3: Cultivating Bounce Back Power (9:57 mp3 file)
  • Bonus Audio Lesson # 4: Making Sports Fun Again (10:44 mp3 file)
  • Personalized Mental Skills Profile: A great tool and exercise to complete with your athlete that will identify what specific mental skills areas she needs help with as well as be able to accurately assess her motivations and goals for playing the game.  $19.97 value (download-able pdf file)

***For less than the cost of a 30 minute hitting or pitching lesson get the A-Z mental skills info she needs to be her best!

What others are saying about How She Thinks is How She Plays...

Michael Monaghan | 4 out of 5 Stars!

I have been coaching girls and young ladies for the past 5 years. I always knew girls reacted differently from boys in regards to instruction, positive reinforcement and critical feedback during practice and on the field at game time but always struggled with the how's and why's of dealing with sometimes emotional young ladies. Like most volunteer coaches, I'm not a trained psychologist or educator. This book gave me much insight into the female psyche and has given me a more positive outlook as my team and daughter go into competitive travel ball. It covers some things you probably already know about your team or daughter but it goes much deeper into the how and why girls think and react to different situations and how you as a coach or parent need to deal with them.

Probably the biggest thing I took out of it was the effort vs results mentality. After a difficult tournament weekend where all the girls were mentally breaking down and I admittedly got too emotional and lost my cool, I changed my personal philosophy and that of all the coaches and parents to focus more on the effort each player was putting forth rather than worry about a poor inning, error or game outcome. Being a developmental team, this was exactly what we all needed. I was less stressed as a coach because I was looking for small victories throughout the game rather than focusing on the score and the players were more willing to go hard each play rather than worry about making a mistake. There was an immediate performance improvement and better vibe all around. It almost felt like we were winning even though the score said otherwise. There is so much more to the book than that and I recommend this to any coach or parent at any level, particularly for the those of pre-teens and teenage travel players. It gives you much insight and will help give you direction as your players seek higher levels of play and a possible scholarship if that is the goal. It also talks about how to deal and interact with a coach of your daughter as well as how a coach can deal with parents. It is well written and filled with great quotes.

I have been focusing so much of my effort as a coach into the physical part of the game and working on skills, that this book was just what I needed to start working on the mental part of the game with my players. It has without a doubt made me a better dad of a female athlete and a much more understanding and positive coach because it has put many things into perspective.

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