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Is Your Athlete Achieving Their Fullest Potential?

Over 6 hours of confidence building audio strategies!
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Propelling your athlete forward from where she/he is today to the level he/she is capable of playing at tomorrow. That is the goal of every sports parent and coach, isn't it?
  • Is your athlete playing to their full potential? 
  • Does he or she look great in practice but not so much when it matters most? 
  • Does your athlete stand out from the crowd? 
  • Are you getting the kind of return on your sports investment you should be, or are you in a state of perpetual frustration with your athlete’s performance level given the money you spend?

John Kelly talks about The Sports Confidence Blueprint program

Here’s the question…will the next season bring the same on the field/court results for your athlete or team? The chances are that unless the approach is changed the results will be the same.

It’s said that insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results.

Well with one single click I can help your athlete to change those results for the better forever, and skyrocket your sports “return on investment” with the Sports Confidence Blueprint program!

As a sports parent, game coach and mental performance expert I understand your situation! I have been there with my own daughter when she was younger.

I know for younger athletes the game is harder than ever today with elevated competition and crazy high expectations for performance on a year around stage.

I created the Sports Confidence Blueprint to help every athlete to dramatically boost their sports confidence, their game/match performance and their overall joy for playing the game.

  "Rock Solid" Self-Confidence is at the Core of Every Successful Athlete  

Does Your Athlete Possess It? 


  Hear John Michael Kelly Explain Sports Confidence 

For any athlete in any sport at any competition level a heavy dose of self-confidence is necessary to achieve sustained athletic success on the field or court. But it is even more than that. Every athlete needs a high level of sports confidence...a specific, more advanced brand of confidence requiring a dramatically higher level of resilience and fortitude.

Today as more is expected from our younger athletes than ever before the pressures of competition and performance can rob an athlete of achieving their athletic potential as well as their joy for the game.

Introducing The Sports Confidence Blueprint Program

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In my new Sports Confidence Blueprint Program I identify for you 
  • 9 specific causes for low sports confidence 
  • 9 specific strategies to build "rock solid" sports confidence
  • 8 specific strategies to maintain sports confidence. 
As a coach all too often I see a young athlete who works so hard in practice, and with his or her private instructors, then unable to carry that practice success over to the field or court.

For many athletes "game day" brings with it an accelerated level of performance anxiety where doubt starts to creep in (particularly after a poor play or mistake) and confidence can be shaken.  As anxiety and stress increase, confidence can take a vacation and the young athlete's game/match performance level can plummet. Sounds familiar?

So how does any younger athlete build a steady rock solid foundation of sports confidence, and how does he or she maintain that high level of confidence in the face of game adversity, pressure and sky high expectations from self and others?  

After 1,000 games and over a decade of private and team coaching I have developed a proven formula for building "rock solid" sports confidence that works for any athlete, at any competition level in any sport. It's called the Sports Confidence Blueprint Program...and for the first time ever I'm making it available. I'd like you and your athlete to have it!
Like everything else in sports confidence is not an accident or magic, but rather a product of design. It takes knowledge and education and it's all available for you in The Sports Confidence Blueprint Program!

In this digital audio course I have created a step-by-step blueprint that when followed will insure your athlete will have every opportunity to build and keep an extraordinarily high level of self-confidence that will propel his or her game to heights you both only dream of!

What's in The Sports Confidence Blueprint Program?

The Sports Confidence Blueprint Program will give you and your athlete specific and easy to implement strategies, tips and tools to understand, build and maintain "rock solid" sports confidence! The program is broken down into four unique and powerful sections: 

The Anatomy of Sports Confidence 
  • The Source of Confidence 
  • The 5 Stages of Sports Confidence  (a MUST Listen)
  • The Sports Confidence Cycle (Critical Cause/Effect Factors) 
  • The Price for Success 
  • Sports Confidence vs. Self Confidence

Causes of Low Sports Confidence
  • The 700 LB Gorilla...Expectations (internal and external)
  • F.E.A.R. and Anxiety: The Ultimate Confidence Killers
  • How Being Results Only Driven Sabotages Success
  • Present Moment Awareness (P.M.A.) and Why Your Athlete Needs It
  • The Power of Doubt 
  • Lack of Proper Preparation (a confidence crusher)
  • Internal Conversations in the Red Zone
  • The Sports Identity Crisis  (the danger zone)
  • The Practice Player (why practice and game performances vary)

How to Build Rock Solid Sports Confidence
  • Having a Plan with Stellar Preparation
  • The Power of Belief
  • Being a Calculated "Risk Taker" on the Field or Court
  • Growing Through Adversity (the key strategy to huge sports confidence)
  • Seeing Success Before It Happens (like the pros!)
  • Remembering Past Successes (celebrate your victories) 
  • Internal Conversations in the Green Zone (must have tools to stay confident)
  • Comfort Zones: Good and Bad 
  • Making Sports Fun (back to the basics)

Maintaining  Sports Confidence Under Any Circumstances  
  • Making Adjustments: The Key to Sustained Confidence and Success 
  • Building a "Mental Toolbox" 
  • Cultivating "Bounce Back" Power 
  • Have a "Beginner" Mindset (A.B.L.) 
  • Expecting Success 
  • The Parents' Role in Sports Confidence 
  • The Coach's Role in Sports Confidence  
  • Maintaining “Big Picture” Thinking 

If you're tired of seeing your athlete look "great" in practice then struggle during games/matches this Sports Confidence Blueprint program is exactly what your athlete needs to play their best consistently...and have more fun playing the game than ever before!

Give your athlete the gift that will change their game forever...
the gift of "rock solid" sports confidence!

The Sports Confidence Blueprint Program includes: 

  • Over 5 Hours of "Sports Confidence Boosting" Digital Audio Instruction (31 great audio lessons)
  • Plus 6 additional Bonus Audios (over 1 1/2 hours): 
  1. "Playing Fearless!"
  2. "Using Mental Imagery for Success" 
  3. "Winning the Scholarship Game" 
  4. "Honoring the Game"
  5. "Wanting Their Success Too Much"
  6. "The Game Day Report Card" 
  • The Sports Confidence Blueprint Manual (47 pages; a great reference guide for parent,  coach and athlete jam packed full of proven strategies, tips and tools to skyrocket any athlete's sports confidence!)
  • Summary "take away" video lessons for each of the four program sections by John Kelly
  • 10 Great Sports Confidence Building Articles by John Kelly
  • FREE BONUS: "Building Rock Solid Self-Confidence" Special Report
  • FREE BONUS: "Eliminating Fear & Anxiety" Special Report
  • Instant online access to download all digital program files (all downloadable mp3, mp4 and pdf files)
  • 30 day complete money back questions asked. (meaning this is a NO RISK purchase. The upside...the "priceless" feeling you get seeing your athlete playing their best consistently!)

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(about the cost of a single private lesson...yes it's crazy cheap!) 

Here's the bottom line, as one sports parent to another:  

How would it feel for you to see your son or daughter playing 
their best ALL THE TIME with a MASSIVE smile on their face?

Let me help you to make that vision a reality with
the Sports Confidence Blueprint!

**Please be aware the contents of this program are all digital downloads. Upon purchase you will receive an immediate email with a link to your download page. Nothing will be mailed to you. 

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase just send me an email at: and I will refund your money within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked and no hard feelings!

"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours." 
-- Henry David Thoreau